Decisions in Life!

Time and again.. I keep thinking what is it that you have to believe in... I am sure many would say "God". But coming from a family where self-learning was given more priority, that is out of question for me, although I am not an atheist and I do believe in a super power... but that can't keep me going..

Is it love? That could be a strategic and wholesome reason but not for day to day living.. Then what keeps us going? May be its hope... hope for a good day.. hope for a smile.. hope to have fun with friends.. hope to see your husband.. I don't know if its hope that keeps us alive but I do know that "no hope" is purely a vegetative state.. But then is it really the end? Can't you find an alternative even if its like climbing up a mountain that seems to be as steep as a right angle?

I meet people and I keep meeting people... I hear them.. sometimes the way things are explained seem to have no solution at all.. But there is always a solution its just that you may have to showcase extreme bravery in the end.. Many times people might just live with it rather than showing courage.. Like suck it up.. well its ok to do so but just analyse for how long? Is it for life-long then my true suggestion - discard it. If it is temporary, ok just tolerate. But mind you, there is always a solution just don't shy away from being bold.

Mind is the most amazing thing that a human body can have and yet the most disastrous.. Controlling your mind from being too positive or too negative is very crucial.. This is when fear helps people .. nothing wrong with it.. as long as it works for someone... but for me, being hopeful works wonders.. the difference is - being fearful eradicates negativity but being hopeful enriches positivity.. the difference can explained simply in this way - you shut it out fearing that you may be harmed but if embrace it and experience it you are giving a chance... trust me the latter requires courage with no guilt or regrets.

It is easier said that done.. as always, isn't it? Everything comes with experience. It is ok to let it go sometimes.. that will be the best solution but sometimes just hold on to it.. both need courage and tolerance.. and the best way to measure what to do when is by weighing the silver lining.. your life is too short to miss out on chances.. chances to be happy and instances to smile! :-)

Most of the times people realise eventually.. congratulations you did it! Finally! But don't dread on it.. its gone anyways... Gone for good or bad.. but what is essential - by the time you have realised how far has it gone? And then make the decisions.. to let go or hold on... it is totally useless to say..."I wish I did that... I should have done that..." what a waste of time to think of these! "I will do this even if... I will go for it" - how positive and lively they sound!

Not always just "love" is sufficient.. in fact, saying this dilutes the very feeling.. rather it is always hope that keeps you going.. I love to quote this always -

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies


khushi said...

Early morning, and a beautiful blog post to read, coming from an amazing person i know. Wow!
Loved it.
In fact more than i loved it, i could identify with each and every word. :)
Keep the hope for the best, as Best is yet to happen gal..


Sumedha said...

I like the positivity in this blog - sometimes have to keep reminding simple thing like hope - to make the right decision in life. Your blog does that perfectly.

Divya Khanna said...

Yep.. its easy to get attracted to negativity.. which only takes you down and its not worth it!

swati said...

Mast;) keep going wid d hope

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